RLFM - Recognized LEGO Fan Media

Il y a eu plusieurs rumeurs/leaks récemment qui ont engendré des grincages de dents chez LEGO. Les RLFM sont un groupe de clubs LEGO supportés par LEGO qui sont plus reliés à des page Facebook, canaux YouTube, etc… QuéLUG est un RLUG (Recognized LEGO User Group).

Afin de mieux encadrer ces fuites, des précisions sur les règles ont été produites:


We consider a rumor to be text information coming from an unknown source or anonymous internet source (i.e. posted on a social channel from a source you do not know). In general we ask you to always name your sources and never link to rumor posts. If you’re reading about a rumor on an unrecognized site and they list a valid source who published information, reference or link to that source only. Again if it comes from a a valid source, it is not a leak or rumor. Do not link to unrecognized sites that publish rumors.

Taking information from confidential sources, for example a retailer magazine or friend within the LEGO Group and then sharing it, even if it does not contain pictures, should not be on your channel. Please do not describe images which do not come from a valid source on your channel.

Lastly, IP partners are taken very seriously by the confidentiality team. Be especially careful when publishing rumors about IP partners. We do not encourage you to speculate on new IP movies coming out which might have LEGO sets.

You can however post a rumor if:

  • It’s not an IP set and you know it’s less than 30 days from the announcement/embargo (don’t know the announcement date? Don’t publish it)

  • Information is published on a valid source

  • It’s just set numbers which are not considered confidential

Enforcement of this Policy

Any RLFM that is a source of a leak, even if it’s text based – i.e. saying with certainty that they know a set is coming out, what the set will be, when it will be released – risks being put on a 6 month probation from the RLFM Review program. This means your channel will receive no new sets for review for 6 months after posting a leak, or get interview opportunities. All over aspects of the RLFM program would be open to you as usual – your tier level will not change. This applies specifically to RLFM who are posting new information, not found anywhere else, from a source they cannot name. Always name your sources. If you cannot name your sources full legal name and how they got the information, it’s likely they shouldn’t be giving you that information. There will be one clearly communicated warning before this happens, depending on the severity of the leak (mention of IP partners are considered more severe).

If your channel continues to post leaks during and/or after probation, we will offboard your community.

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