Date officielle d'ouverture du parc LEGOLAND New York

Bonjour à tous,

Pour ceux qui n’aurait pas vu ou reçu ce formidable courriel, on y annonce l’ouverture officielle du parc LEGOLAND New York pour le 4 juillet 2020… :smiley:

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Ceux qui ont acheté cette passe, vous devriez avoir reçu un courriel… Vérifiez vos pourriels.

Hello Patrick,

As one of the first Annual Pass holders for LEGOLAND® New York Resort, you’re a special member of our LEGOLAND New York family. We want to give you the opportunity to build amazing memories for your family this holiday season – the kind that makes kids’ faces light up.

And with our Grand Opening set for July 4, 2020, we don’t want to wait!

So, here’s our early holiday gift to you:

Right now, at no charge, you’ve been upgraded to our highest tier of annual pass, the Gold Pass!

As a Gold Pass member, you’ll get all sorts of exciting benefits, including no blackout dates, free standard parking, and the use of your Gold Pass at more than 30 attractions across North America! [ (Find out more here.) ]

This upgrade is automatic and has already been applied to every Pass you purchased. All you have to do is activate your Gold Pass at LEGOLAND New York Resort within three months of our opening date on July 4, 2020.

As a 1st To Play Pass holder, you are still eligible to attend an exclusive pre-opening Preview Day event. Our Preview Days will be held in the weeks leading up to our Grand Opening. We will email you in 2020 with the dates and how you can attend one. (The Preview Day does not count as the first day you use your Pass; your Gold Pass begins when you activate it on your first Park visit.)

It’s our way of saying “thank you” for being part of our family.

We know you’ll want to spread the good news and give your friends and family the chance to experience our Gold Pass for themselves - so we’re happy to announce our Black Friday Deal is now live! This once in a lifetime deal is offering our highest tier of Annual Pass, the Gold Pass for $99.99, our best price ever – a more than 50% discount from its original price of $209.99! This offer will expire at 11:59PM EST December 2nd.

The Gold Pass offer is available on our website at [ ].

We look forward to making some unforgettable memories in 2020!


The LEGOLAND New York Resort Team

Jawa73 et moi avons conclus qu’aller à l’ouverture du LEGOLand New York la journée de l’ouverture prévue (4 juillet; Fête des USA) ne faisait pas de sens.

On a encore à connaître les journées préouvertures, elles ne sont pas encore annoncées, mais on peut penser quelles seront positionnées en juin (?).

On a plutôt tentativement ciblé l’automne 2020 pour notre visite. Ça ferait aussi plus de sens de s’y présenter après l’ouverture des écoles de l’état de New York.

Voici le calendrier 2019 des écoles de l’état de New York

Voici tentativement les dates 2020

Finalement, voici le calendrier du parc d’attraction

On se rappellera aussi que l’hôtel LEGO sur le site n’ouvre qu’en 2021… :sleepy:

N’oubliez pas qu’une GOLD Pass vous permet de fréquenter plusieurs parc de Merlin Entertainement