Ça sent l'arnaque...Qu'en pensez-vous?

je ne sais pas si c’est la bon endroit pour ce sujet. Voici ce que j’ai reçu dans mes messages de BL:
Hey Briques d’expérience

I was looking at a few of your products especially People Pack - Fun Fair & wanted
to know if you are able to sell these to our customers.

Everythingeshop is interested in selling your products on our marketplace. We
are a marketplace where sellers like you can list and sell your products to our
worldwide customers base. We would like to invite you to be a seller on everythingeshop.com.

The reason we contacted you is that our customers are searching for products
similar to yours & not having many options. You can be a seller today & upload
products on our platform. You can find us on google by typing everythingeshop.
Please email us on our website & feel free to check out our social media since
we do post about seller’s products and can promote your products too.

Let me explain some basic stuff so you can better understand our marketplace:

We mainly operate in Canada & the USA where 80% of our traffic comes from, but
we have 500,000+ of sellers and customers around the world.

Our sellers are responsible for shipping - however, we offer seller freedom which
means you decide where to ship. Shipping internationally is not needed if you
don’t want to - just state it in your store’s info!

you can get more organic traffic and rank higher on Google! our plan includes:

  • 1.5% World’s Lowest Selling Fee - there are no listing fees, no advertising,
    no referral fee & no any other fees

  • Complete SEO - backlinks, guest posting, keyword research, organic traffic
    growth, content writing & listing on Google shopping. Your Everythingeshop WebStore
    will show up when customers search for your products along with more benefits
    for joining as a seller, just saying

  • Social Media Marketing - we promote your products on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,
    Facebook, Tiktok & Youtube

  • Unlimited Product Listing - via Shopify API integration or CSV file for bulk

  • 24/7 Seller Support - happy to guide you on every step via email or live chat

  • Your Business Growth - Trusted by 10,000 Sellers - we provide you with the
    customers’ full contact information (i.e., phone number, email) once you get
    a sale to help you grow your customers email list and traffic to your own website

  • Fast Payments & Easy Product Shipping/Delivery Management - send customers
    their tracking number and get paid on the same day! I.e., you get your order
    payments sent to you within 24 hours

We create social media content, ads and SEO backlinks placement for your products.
Apart from giving an opportunity to sell your products, we provide you marketing
services that no other marketplace does!

Once you make a seller account on everythingeshop.com, you can instantly start
uploading products, just filling in your seller storefront and description.

Please go to everythingeshop.com and click on Be a Seller at the top of the page,
if you haven’t created your seller account yet.

Does it sound good to you? Please let me know by emailing support@everythingeshop.com
for any questions you may have regarding your account and one of our account
reps will be more than happy to help you.

Looking forward to collaborating with you since we feel your products can sell
great with our customers.

Kind Regards,

Edward Sherman- Seller Relations

1285 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Marketplace Information.

  • Trusted By 75,000+ Sellers Worldwide
  • The lowest selling fee in the world (1.5%-2.5%)
  • SEO & Social Media Marketing for Sellers Products
  • 2.5 million orders placed on everythingeshop
  • No listing fees
  • Customer base from all over the world, mainly - from Canada & USA
  • 250,000 products listed on everythingeshop

Pas nécessairement une arnaque… cependant c’est clairement un cold call pour essayer d’attraper du monde dans leur plateforme.

Si tu recherches un peu tu trouveras sur d’autres forums (pas de LUG) que d’autres « marchants » ont été approché de la même manière que toi.

Mon avis personnel: ignore ce courriel. Il n’y a fort probablement rien à gagner pour toi là-dedans hormis perte de temps, d’argent et déception!

2 « J'aime »

Merci pour ta réponse Jean.
Je n’ai vraiment pas envie de me lancer là-dedans.

Ce n’est pas fairplay avec Bricklink.

Au plaisir,

J’ai recu le même message d’une personne originaire de l’Inde. Rien a faire avec ca, c’est certainement une arnaque.


Aucun achat et aucune vente…. Trop louche …

Bricklink va sûrement intervenir car c’est sûrement contre les règles d’utilisation de la messagerie sur BL. Mais bon, à ignorer selon moi.

Je me demandais s’ils sont au courant de ce genre de situation.

Moi aussi j’ai reçu ce message aujourd’hui. Arnaque ou pas, ça ne m’intéresse pas du tout d’embarquer dans ça.