Briques imprimées - gravées et autres

Une discussion sur les méthodes de fabrication et fournisseurs…

…en plus de millionprint, bien sûr!

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To further elaborate on Richie’s reply, engraving means drilling into or etching the brick, usually with a CNC machine. It actually cuts into the brick to create the image. Afterwards the engraved portion is painted in with the desired color.

Engraving is generally longer lasting because the paint is inset into the brick, which makes it less likely to rub off over time and with wear and tear. It is usually limited to one color or a small number of colors though, and is also limited to text or simpler designs.

Printed is what you would see in a LEGO set, where inks are applied to the surface of a brick to create the desired image.

Printing allows for much more detailed images and designs, again like you’d see in a LEGO set. Depending on the quality of the printing, it can be more likely to wear off over time. Technology is getting better constantly though, so bricks printed today should look much better and last longer than those printed five or ten year ago.

  • Jeff/ColonialLUG bricks: Produced by Studsville Engraving. A Desktop Rotary Engraver was used to cut grooves into each brick, and a paint was added into the cut area. Depending on the paint used, a clear sealant may be added to prevent scratching or flaking. These are super durable. If you run a finger across the bricks, you can feel the dents.
  • LEGO USER GROUP AMBASSADOR brick: Distributed years ago by the Community Team, these were pad printed through Eclipsegrafx. If you run a finger across the brick, it feels flat. Very similar to LEGO printing.
  • 1x8 tile: Engraved by Studsville Engraving. Tiles can be interesting alternatives to bricks. Sometimes they are easier to fit into a MOC.
  • 2x3 tile: Printed by Citizen Brick (I could not quickly find a 1x8 brick). Pad printed, so similar to normal printed LEGO feel.
  • White Lotus brick: Raised digital printing by eclipseGRAFX. The ink is deposited in multiple thin layers on the brick, and is cured solid. Although durable, I would avoid picking at it. If you run a finger over the brick, you can feel the raised edges of the text.
  • eclipseGRAFX brick: Also raised digital printing by eclipseGRAFX, but lower than the White Lotus brick. The lower height makes the printing feel smoother.
  • Fig-Factory brick: Raised digital and digital printed by fig-factory. The gear print is super-flat feeling, some of the best I have felt. The raised text has a rounded face, so there are no edges to catch on anything.
  • ConnLUG brick: Digital printing by eclipseGRAFX. There is a noticeable texture change, but it is very hard to feel a difference in height.
  • BBQ bricks: Cut vinyl. Absolutely not durable, and will probably peel off with time or if it gets too humid. We sometimes prepare these for local events, if we need something temporary. The vinyl is removable with a knife blade, so the bricks are reusable once washed.

A cela j’ajoute

Joe@ Citizen Bricks et Victor@ Eclipse Grafx sont les leader dans l’impression sur le LEGO
Ils possedent entre autre des imprimante PAD (comme LEGO utilise) et des flatbed UV comme j’ai. Il o aussi des collaboration avec de gens qui moule des pieces pour eux comme brickarms.

En revanche ils sont moins intéressé de faire des job pour vos moc ou des job hyper personalisées comme les bricks de membres.

So vous voulez faire une enorme qte de print identique alors le pad printing peut-etre une alternative tres intéressante. l’autre avantage du pad VS le UV c’est que c’est des encres SPOT et donc on peux avoir du Silver metallic gold, glow in the dark etc… mais ca coute cher de setup (c’est pour cela que c’est pour des grosse quantité) en UV c’est limité a CMYK White et Clear par contre on peux faire print sur une brique et that’s it :slight_smile:

Si vous avez des questions sur l’impression n’hesitez surtout pas et si vous passez par Montreal venez me voir au FlagShop ou se cache millionprints :wink:


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