Bricklink : Grands changements en cours

C’est ma compréhension que ceci est pour la vente interne en Europe.

« The seller from one EU Member State and delivered to a customer located in another EU Member State. »

Mais je crois qu’on attendra pas longtemps pour que cela s’applique à nous aussi. De toute façon mes ventes européennes sont presque tombées à zéro depuis l’implantation de la VAT.

Mot officiel de Bricklink:

We’ve started working on some updates that’ll make sure BrickLink meets the requirements of Canadian market laws going ahead. This means we’ll be able to collect and remit goods and services tax (GST), harmonized sales tax (HST), and provincial taxes for orders going to Canada. Soon, sellers will be able to notify us if they’d like BrickLink to collect and remit taxes on their behalf.

Ça semble que les taxes sur Bricklink s’en vient bientôt. J’ai reçu ce courriel ajd

To comply with Canada tax regulations, LEGO BrickLink® is required to have valid addresses for all Canadian sellers.

Please visit your Store Management page, make sure your store address is accurate, and make any necessary changes before September 30, 2022.